About CEO Richard Lonschein

Richard Lonschein is a Commercial Finance Consultant and is the CEO of Prestige Capital Solutions. He first became interested in business financing after the 2008 bank meltdown. After this banking catastrophe Richard’s clients could not obtain a traditional business bank loan. Richard wanted to help his clients but there simply were not any options out there for them. One day he was reading a magazine and he read an article which talked about the rise of a new form of business lending call “alternative lending”. He did some research and was excited to see that there were now some very good viable options in the business lending space. He began to look into these lending sources and products and gained extensive knowledge about these loan products. He realized that this was a great opportunity to help his business owner clients obtain the much needed capital they needed. These types of financing did not require that borrowers have great credit and they did not require business owners to put up collateral in order to secure a loan. As a result over time Richard developed relationships with various alternative lenders and saw an opportunity to help businesses grow and thrive. As a result he decided to start Prestige Capital Solutions and made it his goal and mission to help small businesses get the capital they need to achieve the American dream.

Why Choose Us

Knowledge & Experience

The Business Loan Consultant has the knowledge of the various lending products and the experience to get your loan approved quickly and easily

Saves You Effort

The Capital Business Loan Consultant know what paperwork needs to be taken care of and the underwriters to work with to get the loan approved smoothly and quickly.

Best Rates

Because of our established relationships we are able to get our clients the best possible rates.

Save Time

You can leverage the Consultant’s experience and understanding of what needs to get done so that you have the money in your bank account in as little as 3 to 5 business days.

Free Service

Everything we do for you is free of charge, we do not charge any application fees as many other Consultants do, we are compensated by the lenders only after the loan is actually funded to you.